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 Faction Rules

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PostSubject: Faction Rules   Mon Nov 30, 2009 1:34 am

We have 3 main rules ALL MEMBERS must abide in Waffles:

#1 ~ All dirty talk (ex. cyber talk, pornographic, ect) must be kept out of faction chat. We do not need to know such personal things, thankyou. Playful flirting is perfectly fine but not if it turns into a complete raunch fest.

#2 ~ All players MUST help one another out! We are not a selfish faction, we are here to help ALL members grow and learn! If no-one is available try to find other players in your area to help, please do not spam the chat with your SOS. We will try to help you ASAP.

#3 ~ NO DRAMA! It speaks for itself really, we don't tolerate it. You have a personal issue with someone/ something in faction? Take it to PM's thats why its there. If you need assistance then PM me in game and/ or in the forums. If necessary take screen shots to provide me as well please.

And thats all! Now GO HAVE FUN!
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Faction Rules
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