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 About Waffles

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PostSubject: About Waffles   Mon Nov 30, 2009 6:23 am

We are a faction that helps people of any level, especially those that are new to game. We are a laid back faction full of friends and are here for one reason: TO HAVE FUN!

We will not be participating in Territory Wars but support any members that want to grow and then join a TW faction!

For any member that wants to grow with us and then move on to make their own guild or leave for any reason, we support you. This is a game and we at Waffles understand that

We do not expect people to be in everyday, real life is more important then a game, but we do expect some activity in a 2 week time frame. If you wont be on for that alloted time frame please leave a post in the "time off" area in our forums so you do not get mistaken as an inactive player and removed from our Guild.

We at Waffles hope you all enjoy your time with us and make many good friends along the way!


The Waffles!
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About Waffles
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